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In February 2022, RBG withdrew the West Greenwich Low Traffic Neighbourhood on the basis that an amended scheme would be introduced in the near future.

 The Council wrote to residents in August 2020 telling them that the area was suffering from excessive and dangerous traffic.  Please scroll down to see what life is like living in West Greenwich. 

 RBG advised that thousands of vehicles flooding through this part of historic Greenwich - an area of steep, narrow streets, ill-equipped to deal with such traffic volumes -  could not be allowed to continue.   

There have been years of engagement with residents.  Letters sent from the Highways department in 2020 advised residents that they had no choice but to implement a robust traffic calming scheme and this was the last area in west Greenwich to receive such measures. Ashburnham Triangle, Haddo/ Roan St area, Gloucester Circus and Circus St all have effective schemes to prevent 'cut through' traffic. 

For this remaining section of West Greenwich, three formal engagement/ consultation surveys have been undertaken since 2018. The Highways Committee of RBG voted twice - unanimously - for this LTN to be made permanent.

Over 77.7% of people living inside the area supported the LTN scheme. Residents saw the benefits of the scheme and witnessed behavioural change - opponents literally got on their bikes!

Elderly neighbours reported they felt much safer walking around. School children were able to walk or cycle in groups to school on their own. 

We witnessed the beginnings of

modal shift. 

RBG has already implemented numerous LTNs 'in all but name' across west and east Greenwich.

Streets left facing toxic and dangerous traffic across the Borough now need 

urgent attention. 

West Greenwich has over 1000 children a day attending two schools, many more walking through the area to other local schools; a high footfall of local residents, pets, cyclists using our streets, especially during winter months when the Park is closed early evening. 

And, let's not forget the safety of millions of visitors to this part of Greenwich, bringing in £1.4 billion annually to the local economy. We can only imagine their perception of Royal Greenwich witnessing the sorts of scenes below. 

Please scroll down and also check out the Safety Pages: 

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As surrounding neighbourhoods have received piecemeal Low Traffic Neighbourhood-style measures over  years, West Greenwich became the last  remaining pocket with minimal traffic reduction measures in its immediate vicinity. Its narrow streets were left vulnerable in the morning and especially evening peaks and also at all times during the weekend.  

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Ambulances Caught in Gridlock

Due to the narrowness of Crooms Hill, under 5 meters wide at the pinch point, even ambulances used to be caught in gridlock or, in this case, by unyielding drivers.  
Several streets in West Greenwich are equally narrow such as Dabin Crescent which is c. 3 meters wide and just steps away from a playground.

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Evening peak build up on Hyde Vale.  

(This video is silent.)

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With unprecedented number of drivers taking to the roads, re-opening residential roads cannot be the solution regardless of where you live in Greenwich Borough.

This was a typical evening peak (a Friday 7:15pm) with cyclists and traffic joining the very narrow Crooms Hill from Greenwich High Street and Burney Street.

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Bus mounts narrow pavement in gridlock on Crooms Hill

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West Grove evening peak

Time lapse over 30 minutes

Typical eastbound log jam from vehicles rat running through Maidenstone Hill or Blissett/Winforton St to avoid Blackheath Hill only to re-join at West Greenwich.

Narrow section makes it very difficult for residents returning home.  Safety issue for the many St Ursula school girls who cross this area to reach the bus stop on A2.  

(This video is silent)

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