And Why the Aggression?

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Vehicles of all shapes and size frequently mount the very narrow and busy pavements when they get stuck on single lane roads of West Greenwich.  This happened any time of any day

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School Children Safety

West Greenwich has three school streets on Crooms Hill, Royal Hill and King George Street. There is also a nursery on Hyde Vale. 

Watch how long it took for traffic to stop for these school children at a pedestrian crossing.

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Cyclist Safety

Due to its location and connection to strategic cycle routes, Crooms Hill in particularly is well-used by commuters October to March when Greenwich Park closes by 6pm and those who cycle for leisure on weekends wishing to avoid park visitors, kids. pets that stray onto their path.

There has been eye-watering near misses with the streams of vehicles that share the narrow roads in West Greenwich.


Watch the Language!

Aggression and noise were regular occurrences when vehicles got stuck on West Greenwich's narrow, curvy roads.  

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This unfortunate passenger was caught up in an aggressive situation between drivers stuck on Crooms Hill.  

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Running around trying to break gridlock involving long queue of bi-directional vehicles stuck on the narrow, single lane section of Crooms Hill.   

This is a typical scene on Crooms Hill and it happens at all times of the day including weekends.


A Safer West Greenwich

The Police have needed to resolve stand offs and have approached Greenwich Council to take action due to safety concerns.  This was also the case which led to the piecemeal closure of Park Vista in East Greenwich only last year.

West Greenwich have three School Streets yet have few traffic deterrent measures compared to other areas.  

  • Royal Hill

  • Crooms Hill

  • King George Street

Normally there are 5 million visitors to Greenwich Park and Crooms Hill has three pedestrian entrances which opens directly onto very narrow pavements and single-lane sections.  Crooms Hill also has a senior school, a church and a theatre.