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Letter of support for LTNs to RBG councillors from EAST GREENWICH RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION (EGRA) 

Quote from LONDON AMBULANCE SERVICES Chairman Heather Lawrence on LTNs - Evening Standard article 23 October 2020

"LAS chairman Heather Lawrence said the reduction in traffic will improve public health in the long term.  She told an LAS board meeting last month: 'Although ambulance journey times became a little bit longer there have been no adverse events.  We will keep a check on that to ensure nothing compromises safety.  What they're trying to do is beneficial for the health of the population - particularly low emissions, asthma, that sort of thing.'"

Open letter of support for LTNs from 130 organisations 

Letter of Support from 120 doctors and nurses 

Article "Doctors and Nurses Urge Sadiq Khan to Press Ahead With Road Safety Changes" - Evening Standard


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Provide support or flag any specific suggestions for West Greenwich and East Greenwich Traffic Reduction schemes and TfL Cycleway Streetspace schemes.

West Greenwich Traffic Reduction

East Greenwich LTN (Sep 2020)

Westcombe Park and Maze Hill Area LTN (Feb 2021)

TfL Cycleway 

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