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Greenwich borough has been proactive in listening to the concerns of its residents by implementing various traffic reduction measures, including road closures, pedestrianisation, pavement narrowing, one ways and cycle only access on many of its residential streets.  These modifications were added street-by-street over the years.  The combined impact of these individual targeted measures have removed most of the rat runs and created safer, less polluted neighbourhoods.  These are LTNs in all but name and funding source.

West Greenwich was one of the last pockets of residential streets left open in the West Greenwich vicinity and therefore suffered from excessive and dangerous levels of traffic until the Council offered to implement a scheme using LTN funding.  Streets such as Vanbrugh Hill and Maze Hill which are also suffering from excessive traffic levels need the Council to take urgent action.  

Scroll down to see examples of traffic reduction measures in each existing LTN area.

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Existing East Greenwich Traffic Measures

  1. Park Vista / Park Row - Closure at Maze Hill 

  2. Woodland Crescent - Closure at Maze Hill

  3. Greenwich Park Street - Closure at Trafalgar Rd

  4. Hoskins Rd - Closure at Trafalgar Rd

  5. Old Woolwich Rd - One way at Park Row 

  6. Old Woolwich Rd - Closure between Lassell St and Hoskins St

  7. Old Woolwich Rd - Pedestrianised closure at Trafalgar Rd.

  8. Pelton Rd - Closure at Trafalgar Rd

  9. Pelton Rd - Closure at Christchurch

  10. Commerell Rd - Closure mid point

  11. Maze Hill - Road narrowing/chicane near Vanburgh Fields junction

  12. Maze Hill - Width restrictors

  13. Mycenae Rd - No access, cycles only at Vanburgh Park & one way

  14. Colomb Rd - no through road

  15. Beaconsfield Rd - Closed at Vanburgh Park

  16. Humber Rd - Road narrowing for bike access only at Beaconsfield/Mycenae junction

  17. Beaconsfield / Mycenae Rd / Station Crescent - pavement widening at Humber Rd junction

  18. Forbisher Street - Closure

  19. Woodland Park Rd - Closures, pedestrianised sections

  20. Woodland Grove - Closure

  21. Hawthorne Crescent - one way

  22. Hazel Lane - one way 

  23. Rodmere Lane - one way 

  24. Colomb St - one way

  25. Whitworth St - one way

  26. Mell Rd- one way

  27. St John’s Park - one way

  28. Denham St & Section of Tunnel Ave onto A206 - one way

  29. Combedale Rd - one way

  30. Westerdale Rd - one way

  31. Halstow Rd with school - no right turn from Trafalger Rd and no through way at bottom section so forced along Chevening St.

  32. Halstow Rd - width restrictor

  33. Ormiston - road narrowing

  34. Tunnel Ave - No entrance at Trafalgar Rd

  35. Fingal St at Trafalgar Rd - Narrowing/no vehicular access

  36. Connection between Denford St and Glenforth St - pedestrianised section

  37. Glenister  Rd - pedestrianised section connecting Glen-forth St

Existing Ashburnham Triangle Traffic Measures

  1. No access all southbound between Greenwich High Rd and Greenwich South St.

  2. Northbound one way only via Ashburnham Place

  3. Ashburnham Grove closed at northern end.

  4. Closure Ashburnham Retreat now play street.

  5. Devonshire Drive one way, narrowing, exit only onto Greenwich High Rd.

  6. Road treatment Guildford Grove at Egerton Drive.

  7. Egerton Drive cycle only entrance at A2

  8. Egerton Drive entrance narrowing, northbound exit only at Greenwich High Rd

West Greenwich Traffic Measures Before Trial Scheme

(With 3 school streets)

  1. Circus Street at Greenwich South St. closure

  2. Gloucester Circus at Crooms Hill closure

  3. Royal Hill road narrowing at school entrance

  4. Top of Crooms Hill and Hyde Vale/ Point HIll width restrictors

East Greenwich has been hugely successful in reducing residential traffic through piecemeal measures but given the addition of the new TfL cycleway and the increase in traffic congestion even before the pandemic, it may now need a holistic East Greenwich/Westcombe Park LTN as well:  the traffic is now all funnelled onto a few untreated principal roads namely, Maze Hill, Vanbrugh Hill, Westcombe Park Rd and Westcombe Hill. 

According to East Greenwich residents, Maze HIll changed overnight when Park Vista and Woodlands Crescent LTN closures were implemented, the former only in late 2019.

TfL Cycleway works started on 7th September 2020 coinciding with start of school.  Its impact including the closure of access onto A102 northbound at Angerstein Roundabout should not be underestimated.

We support RBG in its strategy to protect our Greenwich Neighbourhoods by taking a holistic approach towards the remaining vulnerable roads in East Greenwich and beyond.

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