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We want to highlight the extensive four-year engagement process that RBG, our Greenwich West Councillors and West Greenwich residents and stakeholders have been through for our trial traffic scheme to be put in place.

Petitions and comments on social media platforms and misleading websites suggest that that the Council has implemented the trial West Greenwich scheme without involving residents or stakeholders – we would like to set the record straight on this:

This four-year review process has been open and publicised by the Council on their website and has included council letter drops to residents and stakeholders, a workshop; councillors, resident and stakeholder meetings, engagement events, public meetings. Also, the scheme options were reported in local borough-wide blogs such as 853, Murky Depths and through publications such as, the Greenwich Society. 

This trial West Greenwich scheme has involved an open engagement and consultation process in a way that no other scheme in the Borough has!  We have had three consultation surveys..... a survey to consider the options RBG were originally proposing; a survey during the first Experimental Traffic Order and the current consultation. 

On the Greenwich LTN page, you can find out about the other established LTNs across the borough and how this trial scheme was introduced as the Council advised, this was the last neighbourhood in the West Greenwich area to have robust measures put in place to prevent dangerous rat running. 

Over the years, numerous piecemeal changes have happened using different funding and no requirement to consult beyond the residents living on the road; this has led to great swathes of the borough living on residential roads with modal filters, road narrowings, pavement widening or one way, pocket parks etc.

At the end of the trial period in August 2021, 63.5% of residents supported the scheme as an LTN with modal filters. At that stage, a decision was made to replace the modal filters on Crooms Hill and Hyde Vale with cameras to allow emergency services, rubbish trucks and black cabs through West Greenwich. In addition, Hyde Vale was opened between 7-9am; this in theory is to alleviate the morning traffic on Maze Hill. This decision was unilaterally taken by the Council despite having no evidence to support a direct cause and effect.  

RBG originally obtained confirmation of funding for the West Greenwich area as part of historic Greenwich through the Liveable Neighbourhood Scheme. RBG advised that the West Greenwich Scheme would make this West Greenwich area equitable. This funding disappeared due to Covid and this trial scheme was brought in under an Experimental Traffic Order in August 2020. 

The extended West Greenwich and third consultation for this trial started in August 2021 and ends on 18th February 2022. 

With regard to East Greenwich, there have been at least 37 piecemeal changes across this area over the years. However, there is dangerous traffic on the three remaining principle access roads:  Maze Hill, Vanbrugh Hill, Westcombe Hill. Whilst, the area is naturally protected by the railway track with many roads not providing direct access to Trafalgar Rd, these roads have excessive and dangerous traffic funnelled on to fewer roads. East Greenwich residents have confirmed that Maze Hill suffered extra traffic in the mornings ahead of the West Greenwich trial as soon as Park Vista, Woodands Crescent and Greenwich Park Street had their own modal filters implemented; the former was only in late 2019. 

RBG consulted on an LTN for this area with modal filters in February 2021 and 3000 + replied to the consultation. We are still awaiting the results from RBG.  Whether or not, this is done through LTN funding or traffic reduction through a Local Implementation Plan, this area needs greater and urgent measures to protect the principle roads. 




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