Working with Greenwich Council

We want to highlight the extensive three-year engagement process that RBG, our Greenwich West Councillors and West Greenwich residents and stakeholders have been through for our trial traffic scheme to be put in place.

Petitions and comments on social media platforms and misleading websites suggest that that the Council has implemented the trial West Greenwich scheme without involving residents or stakeholders – we would like to set the record straight on this:

This three-year review process has been open and publicised by the Council on their website and has included council letter drops to residents and stakeholders, a workshop, councillors, resident and stakeholder meetings, engagement events and a survey. Also, the scheme options were reported in local borough-wide blogs such as 853, Murky Depths and through publications such as the Greenwich Society. 

This trial West Greenwich scheme has involved an open engagement and consultation process in a way that no other scheme in the borough has.

On the Greenwich LTN page, you can find out about the other established LTNs across the borough and how West Greenwich is the last neighbourhood in the area to have robust measures put in place to prevent dangerous rat running. 

Over the years, numerous piecemeal changes have happened modifying residential roads with modal filters, road narrowings, pavement widening or one way, all of which has been funnelling traffic onto a few remaining roads.

No one has been able to drive north to south through the Ashburnham Triangle from Greenwich High Road to Greenwich South Street for years; it has been closed off with modal filters on multiple streets.

Norman Road is also currently closed travelling south to north and residents want it to remain so.

There are at least 37 piecemeal changes in East Greenwich over the years so only a few roads remain open to traffic such as Maze Hill, Vanbrugh Hill, Westcombe Park Road.  

East Greenwich residents have confirmed that Maze Hill suffered extra traffic in the mornings ahead of the West Greenwich trial as soon as Park Vista, Woodands Crescent and Greenwich Park Road had their own modal filters implemented.

Similarly Gloucester Circus and Circus St in West Greenwich had the same effect on Crooms Hill, Burney St, Royal Hill and Hyde Vale.

We support RBG in its approach to trial West Greenwich Low Traffic Neighbourhood and the roll out of such a scheme to East Greenwich and beyond.

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West Greenwich LTN 

East Greenwich modal filters (Sep 2020) 

TfL Cycleway

Westcombe Park and Maze Hill LTN (Feb 2021)