Who Are We? 

We are a group of residents in West Greenwich who live across the area and have come together as a community to tell our story.  We want to explain why we are hugely supportive of this trial West Greenwich scheme and the Council in rolling out these LTN schemes across communities in the Borough which also suffer from excessive traffic on residential streets.

Why Take Area Wide Action? 

For West Greenwich, RBG adopted a holistic strategy.  Pre-lockdown, the traffic was so severe on individual roads that any piecemeal strategy would just lead to pushing traffic from one street onto another. Calls to just to reopen the West Greenwich LTN do not recognise that RBG needed to take action given the safety issues across West Greenwich as a result of dangerous and excessive traffic before the trial. Our streets are too narrow to cope with the high volumes of traffic and streams of large commercial vehicles and as residents we witnessed accidents, near misses, property damage, violence and daily abuse.  The roads were gridlocked all times of the day.  We have three school streets and a nursery made safer by the trial and RBG is working on other areas and school streets across the borough.  Please see Safety & Swearing page.

Open and Exposed

West Greenwich became inundated with traffic as it was the only area with very few traffic deterrent measures prior to the LTN scheme, unlike other areas which received road treatments on a piecemeal basis over the years.  Greenwich LTNs page, you will see just how exposed West Greenwich were compared to other areas. 


Despite reports to the contrary, the LTN in West Greenwich has involved a lengthy three year engagement process with the Council and now an extensive consultation exercise.  

The final trial option might not be everyone’s first choice but the Council modified the final trial to protect the Royal Hill shops and take account of the responses from past engagement events.  The Highways Department did extensive reviews to provide this trial low traffic, liveable neighbourhood.  Please refer to RBG Council Initiatives page.

Myth Busting

We recognise that the traffic is awful everywhere at the moment but this is for multiple reasons including Greenwich Park not permitting through traffic; LTNs in place across Greenwich and other boroughs; Waze directing traffic down residential roads; numerous road works, the new Cycleway in East Greenwich, extra lorry traffic for Thames Tideway programme and not least because at this time, private vehicle use is up and roads at 93% capacity.

Drivers can still get in their cars and drive anywhere with a bit of planning.  

Traffic on Blackheath Hill appears to be running more smoothly since the scheme as there is less stopping and starting from large volumes joining from West Greenwich.  

Support & Contact Us 

**It is important to Support Now and respond to the current RBG consultation on the West Greenwich LTN scheme before 18th February 2022. **

**Answer SUPPORT to the last question of the consultation.**  

This is the voice of the many in West Greenwich who strongly support our councillors and RBG Council in its strategy to work towards a greener Greenwich to reduce pollution for all by making people reconsider local car journeys or making it more difficult for those out of area drivers to cut through residential areas.  


Idle cars in evening peaks at the top of Hyde Vale emitting fumes.  This was the case on West Grove and Point Hill.  

Traffic come off and rejoin A2 via West Greenwich solely to avoid the slow sections of Blackheath Hill.  Narrow residential and highly pedestrianised streets of West Greenwich which were virtually devoid of traffic deterrent measures became busy and unsafe while roads such as A2211, which is at least twice as wide and designated to take volume and load, were virtually unused. 


Ambulance caught in gridlock on Hyde Vale


  • Van mounts pavements again.

  • Daily tailback from top of General Wolfe Rd at the A2 all the way to the bottom of Crooms Hill.