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Who Are We? 

We are a group of residents from the West Greenwich area who have come together as we are concerned about dangerous 'cut through' traffic.   

Why Take Action? 

Traffic apps are directing vehicles through narrow streets with steep gradients and narrow pavements to save minutes on journeys. Local people witnessed daily near misses, property damage, violence and abuse as a result of excessive and dangerous traffic  The roads were gridlocked at times of the day.  We have two schools, one with a Centre for the Deaf  and a nursery leading to over 1000 children plus parents and siblings walking to and from school each day. In addition the area has an unusually high footfall being part of historic Greenwich and 19 million visitors per year including educational school trips. see Safety & Swearing page.

 Greenwich LTNs page, you will see just how exposed West Greenwich is compared to other areas. 

This is the voice of the many in West Greenwich and beyond who strongly support our councillors and RBG Council in its strategy to work towards a greener Greenwich to reduce pollution for all by making people reconsider local car journeys or making it more difficult for those out of area drivers to cut through residential areas.  

History of SGN: About
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Idle cars in evening peaks at the top of Hyde Vale emitting fumes.  This was the case on West Grove and Point Hill.  

Traffic come off and rejoin A2 via West Greenwich solely to avoid the slow sections of Blackheath Hill.  Narrow residential and highly pedestrianised streets of West Greenwich which were virtually devoid of traffic deterrent measures became busy and unsafe while roads such as A2211, which is at least twice as wide and designated to take volume and load, were virtually unused. 

History of SGN: Video

Ambulance caught in gridlock on Hyde Vale

History of SGN: Image

  • Van mounts pavements again.

  • Daily tailback from top of General Wolfe Rd at the A2 all the way to the bottom of Crooms Hill.

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